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Cara Lai 

Cara has spent most of her life in pursuit of meaning and happiness, which landed her in the meditative arts for most of her adult life. Throughout many mind-body adventures, she has explored the concentrated mind, chronic illness, the value of pleasure, the power of maternal energy, and connection to the earth. In the past, Cara worked as an artist, wilderness guide, social worker and psychotherapist. Now, after emerging from a year of solitude, she finds herself practicing in unconventional ways and using her intuition as her guide. She tries her best to teach from the most authentic and vulnerable place she can muster, and is still learning about the contentment of simply existing.

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May 19, 2022 - Opening to Emotions

Emotions don’t need to be something we have to run away from or try to regulate. And they don’t have to be seen as an obstacle to happiness and awakening. They can be used for something positive! We can ask ourselves, “Does my way of relating to this emotion—or does the way that it’s being expressed—lead to more suffering or less suffering?” Because emotions can lead us towards more wisdom and compassion when we move with them skillfully. When we can be curious about them, make space for them, and honor them. This is the art and skill we’re learning to do here.

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