"If you do not turn inward, you will never know reality."
—Ajahn Chah

The Capital Campaign - Phase 2






The spacious new Dining Hall with indoor and outdoor eating areas will border vegetable gardens and an orchard.

The Dining Hall will be located across the road from the current dining facility and will serve all practitioners, teachers and staff. It is designed with three wings: to the left is the entrance for practitioners on retreat with a coat room and restrooms; the central area contains the kitchen, a serving and dining area that will seat 140 (nearly double our current seating); and the right wing houses the teacher and staff dining area – a significant upgrade from the current teacher/staff dining yurt.

In addition, there is an outdoor covered seating area which will enable people to eat outdoors for a good portion of the year. Bordered on one side of the Dining Hall will be a kitchen garden and orchard. Uphill there will be a solar farm that, when combined with all other solar panels on the property, will create all the electricity that Spirit Rock needs. The current Dining Hall will be converted to a multipurpose facility, including a meditation hall, enabling Spirit Rock to increase its retreat and non-retreat offerings.


  • 6,908 sq. ft. facility
  • General dining room, serving room and lobby
  • Teacher and staff dining room
  • Bathrooms, storage and coatrooms
  • Public and private decks, picnic area
  • Commercial kitchen and support facilities
  • Orchard, herb and vegetable gardens will be planted on the east side


Two additional Residence Halls will provide simple, single-room accommodations and allow for more people to attend residential retreats.

The residential retreat area currently has four residence halls with 80 bedrooms. With the addition of two new residential retreat halls, (48 single rooms), our accommodation capacity will increase to 128. The exisiting Meditation Hall can easily hold 200 people. The new halls will be built below the existing residential halls and be similar in architectural design. The current access road will be moved to allow space for the two new buildings which will be located as far away as possible from the creek to support riparian zones.


  • 3,376 sq. ft. each residential hall
  • 24 one-bedroom units in each building (for a total of 48 additional single rooms)
  • Shared bathrooms
  • One ADA accessible unit
  • Similar design to existing residential halls

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