"If you do not turn inward, you will never know reality."
—Ajahn Chah

The Capital Campaign, Phase 1 — Complete!






Located in a serene open grassland hillside setting, with an outdoor terrace and arrival space, the new Community Meditation Hall will be a spacious environment for Dharma practice and community engagement. The existing temporary trailers in and around the meadow will all be removed. The new Community Meditation Hall will host weekly classes, specialized study, practice groups, and community gatherings, opening up new possibilities for future programming.


  • Community Hall facility is 11,851 sq. ft.
  • Meditation Hall is 4,500 sq. ft. (compared to 3,600 sq. ft. in the current temporary hall)
  • Comfortable seating for 400
  • Octagonal design with a high ceiling and ample built-in storage spaces
  • Two additional classrooms upstairs: one with a capacity of 60 – opening on to a terrace; and one for 30. These additional rooms can be used for walking meditation, smaller specialized programs, or more in-depth teachings for advanced students
  • Three private interview rooms upstairs
  • Dharma resources library, office and storage areas
  • Assembly space with option to open and close doors to the patio
  • ADA compliant with elevator
  • Outdoor spaces will provide areas for smaller group meetings, practice, and connection with other members of the community
  • Walking path and free-span bridges to meadow and retreat area
  • Excellent audio visual equipment and lighting enabling the use of technology to connect with people worldwide


The Gateway and Administration Building will serve as a welcome center, retreat reception, and provide offices for administrative and program support.

Located in the lower campus between the new Community Meditation Hall and the Teacher and Staff Village, this building will serve as a welcome center, retreat reception, and provide offices for administrative and program support. Currently, administrative and program staff are located in temporary trailers in the meadow and also in the Barn. These new offices will bring staff together for greater efficiency and a healthier work environment.


  • 5,083 sq. ft. two story facility
  • Private and open plan offices
  • Employee lounge
  • Conference room


The Village will provide accommodations for teachers and key on-site support staff.

The Teacher and Staff Village will be located at the eastern portion of the campus and will replace existing temporary staff housing trailers. The Village will be completed in two phases and will ultimately be a cluster of buildings centered around an octagonal shaped commons building. The Village will provide efficient living spaces for retreat and resident teachers and key on-site staff. Currently, retreat teachers must stay in rooms in the residential halls. Dedicated teacher housing will free up beds for those seeking deeper practice through residential retreats.


  • 11,366 sq. ft. complex when fully completed (Phase One: 5,600 sq. ft., Phase Two: 5,766 sq. ft.)
  • Village Commons: kitchen, dining area, laundry, bathroom, lounge, meditation room, maintenance, storage
  • Resident Staff Housing: two-story complex with 22 one-bedroom units (Phase One: 8 units, Phase Two: 14 units)
  • Visiting Teacher Housing: 8 one-bedroom units to accommodate retreat teachers; teacher lounge
  • Resident Teacher Housing: (Phase Two: 2 two-bedroom apartments) for resident Dharma teachers to support staff and non-retreat community members

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