"In truth we are always present; we only imagine ourselves to be in one place or another."
—Howard Cohn

Equanimity and Awareness
Kamala Masters, Sally Armstrong, Tara Mulay (trainee)
Sunday, May 13, 3:00pm - Sunday, May 20, 11:30am
upper Retreat Hall
$1760 - $800 sliding scale, plus a donation to the teacher(s) and retreat staff. Code 354R18.
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If you are interested and need financial assistance, we may have a work exchange available.

Prerequisite: Completion of one 5- to 7-night Insight Meditation retreat or permission of the teacher.

Often, we are drawn to meditation practice because of our heartfelt wish to calm our minds and open our hearts. But in our lives, and when we sit down to meditate, we often find ourselves reacting to thoughts of the past with regret, shame or anger, and to the future with anxiety and fear, often feeling overwhelmed.

In this retreat, we will develop the practice of equanimity, which allows us to be with challenging situations in our lives with balance, acceptance and more clarity. As this capacity deepens, we are able to be more fully present for both the joys and the sorrows of life, meeting each situation with kindness and compassion. Equanimity is one of the four Brahma Viharas/Divine Abidings, or beautiful qualities of heart, we can develop through practice and meditation. The other Brahma Viharas of loving-kindness, compassion and joy will be introduced as a complement to the equanimity practice.

This silent retreat will offer support for the steady development of equanimity, with guided meditations, evening talks, question-and-answer periods, and practice meetings with the teachers.

Spirit Rock extends a special invitation to young adults (age 18-26) who wish to attend this retreat at a rate of $35 per night, on a first come, first serve basis. A limited number of special rates are available, please apply early.

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Also remember that the cost above is priced as a sliding scale. Please pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This allows others who need to pay less the opportunity to attend. Fee is for room and board. Teaching and staffing of the retreats is by donation at the end of the retreat. For more information, see Retreat FAQ.

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