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Dec 1, 2021

Generosity: The Beginning & End of the Path

This month’s Dharma reflections explore generosity. Generosity is the emotion that inspires dāna (giving), the first perfection. Dāna is more than just giving donations—it’s the foundation of the entire path. Giving with heartfelt generosity shifts our focus to others, is a form of active lovingkindness and compassion, and is the opposite of grasping.

In these talks, you’ll explore the foundational structure of Buddhist practice: dāna, sīla, bhavana, or giving, ethics, and cultivation. You’ll learn about the role of boundaries and ethics in the practice of generosity. And you’ll deepen your practice of letting go, understanding generosity in Sylvia Boorstein’s words as both “the beginning and the end of the path.”

Dana, Sila, Bhavana: Dharma practice is 24/7

Gratitude, Generosity and Sila

Cultivating Generosity and Gratitude

Respecting the Defended Heart

Oct 28, 2017 - Awakening Strength, Courage and Tenderness: A Retreat for the LGBTQI Gender-fluid Community
January 18, 2012 - Generosity as the Beginning and End of the Path

In recent years my sense of what generosity is has escalated from “it’s a lovely virtue to have—it sustains a community,” to really thinking that the ultimate generosity is to really do what one can in life, to be active in life, to act on behalf of the comfort of other people and the well-being of all people.

Season of Generosity

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