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Aiko Michot

There is something magical about investigating phenomena and finding our own gateway to presence! For this reason, Aiko enjoys facilitating mindfulness classes that are experiential and interactive, where participants discover for themselves the different aspects of awareness.

Through guided meditations, movement and playful exercises, participants can connect intimately with the physical, emotional and mental processes that make up their experience. Debriefs often follow in diad/triads along with group discussions. This helps build relationships within the community, individual ownership for one’s own learning, and equity. In this way, each session is co-created by the group. Aiko's role is mostly to facilitate a safe and encouraging space that validates each person’s unique way of learning.

Aiko Michot is certified by Mindful Schools. She has been primarily teaching mindfulness in the education sector to both high school students and staff. She has also served Insight Meditation Center Redwood City's Teen Program, San Francisco Dharma Collective mindfulness course offerings and Spirit Rock New Year's Teen Retreat.

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