"Mindfulness, the aware, balanced acceptance of present experience, is at the heart of what the Buddha taught.”
—Sylvia Boorstein

Ajahn Amaro

Ajahn Amaro was born in England in 1956. He received his BSc. in Psychology and Physiology from the University of London. Spiritual searching led him to Thailand, where he went to Wat Pah Nanachat, a Forest Tradition monastery established for Western disciples of Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah, who ordained him as a bhikkhu in 1979. He returned to England and joined Ajahn Sumedho at the newly established Chithurst Monastery. He resided for many years at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, making trips to California every year during the 1990s. In June of 1996 he established Abhayagiri Monastery in Redwood Valley, CA, where he was co-abbot with Ajahn Pasanno until July, 2010. At the invitation of Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Amaro returned to Amaravati in July, 2010 to assume the duties of abbot of Amaravati. He has written a number of books, including Small Boat, Great Mountain, Rain on the Nile and The Island - An Anthology of the Buddha's Teachings on Nibbana co-written with Ajahn Pasanno. For audio recordings visit

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