"Mindfulness, the aware, balanced acceptance of present experience, is at the heart of what the Buddha taught.”
—Sylvia Boorstein

Norman Fischer

Zoketsu Norman Fischer is a Zen Abbot, poet and author practicing in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. He leads workshops and retreats grounded in the teachings of Zen in many different arenas, including business, the law, and caring for the dying.The latest among his more than twenty books in print are Experience: Thinking, Writing, Language and Religion (2015) and What Is Zen? Plain Talk for a Beginner's Mind (2016). His latest volume of poetry, Magnolias All At Once (2015) collages Dogen's essay on time with avant-garde poetry. For more information about Zoketsu and his many teaching activities throughout North America, please visit

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