"Mindfulness, the aware, balanced acceptance of present experience, is at the heart of what the Buddha taught.”
—Sylvia Boorstein

Fred Luskin

Fred Luskin, PhD is the Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects and the author of the bestselling Forgive for Good and the recent Forgive for Love. His groundbreaking research has given scientific credence and clarity to the ancient traditions of forgiveness (see His methods have been used with people who have suffered from violence in New York City after 9/11, in Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland and elsewhere. His approaches have also been researched and validated in corporate, medical, legal and religious settings. Dr. Luskin currently serves as a Senior Consultant in Health Promotion at Stanford University and is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He presents lectures, workshops, seminars and trainings on the importance, health benefits and training of forgiveness, stress management and emotional competence throughout the U.S.

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