Martie Leys: Volunteer Profile

I vaguely knew that Spirit Rock existed for a long time, through friends of mine who had attended programs. About 8 years ago, I felt the need to begin a committed meditation practice, to help me absorb the death of friends and relatives and cope with other challenging aspects of life. I began attending the Wednesday morning class and have never stopped coming. In 2006 I enrolled in my first retreat. I have continued retreat practice at least twice a year ever since. In March 2014 I will sit my first one month retreat.

I decided to volunteer for 3 main reasons. I like to be helpful and to make things flow. I like feeling part of communities that I value, and volunteering is an excellent way to feel integrated into the Spirit Rock Community. I liked the benefit of being able to attend daylongs, using volunteer credits in lieu of cash payment—such a wonderful exchange of dana.

Volunteering has certainly reinforced my awareness of the energy that I receive and the happiness I derive from being useful and contributing to a common good.

Spirit Rock is my spiritual home. I love being at Spirit Rock and joining with staff and other volunteers in making the community happen. 

I love appreciating and feeling appreciated. There is a simple happiness in feeling part of a community dedicated to helping people ground in their commitment to make themselves and the world around them happier and more peaceful.

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