Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation fees are outlined in the confirmation email you should have received when you registered for the retreat. Please note that cancellation fees increase the closer it gets to the starting date of the retreat. As of 3:00 pm on the last business day before opening day, there are no refunds except for emergencies. Deposits and payments cannot be transferred to another retreat or another person. If a refund is due, we will refund the credit card used to pay for the retreat, or if a check was written, we will send you a refund check.

In general, the cancellation fee schedule for residential retreats is below (specific dates are in your confirmation email). Scholarship recipients have a reduced cancellation fee schedule, please contact the Registration Department.

> 8 weeks      $100
4-8 weeks      $175
1-4 weeks      $225
< 1 week      $300
Last business day prior to retreat after 3:00 pm      No Refund

If you need to cancel a retreat, send an email to or call (415) 488-0164 ext. 296 as soon as you know you'll have to cancel.

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