Spirit Rock Live

Troubleshooting Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

I am attempting to play the recording, but nothing seems to be happening.
For production reasons, we begin broadcasting 5-10 minutes before the event actually gets underway, so there is always at least some dead airtime at the beginning of the recording. After clicking 'Watch Again' to begin playback, move your mouse cursor over the video and a timeline will appear along the bottom. Click ahead 5-10 minutes on that timeline to skip to the actual beginning of the event.

I am getting the error message, "This content cannot be displayed in a frame".
Our video presentations are not compatible with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. If watching on a laptop or desktop computer, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to view this event instead.

My screen is frozen, or I’ve lost access to the stream.
Refresh your browser window. Look for the circular arrow icon on the menu bar at the top of your browser window.

I’m hearing an echo, or hearing everything twice, or the presenters’ voices are overlapping.
You probably have the event open in more than one browser window or tab. Close all windows and tabs other than the one you’re watching right now.

I am experiencing a technical issue that does not appear in this list.
Try viewing the event using a different browser. For instance, if you are using Firefox, trying switching to Chrome, or vice versa.

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