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The Ripple Effect of Practice

Words of gratitude from a scholarship recipient

http://www.etsy.com/listing/62064127/vintage-book-love-8x12-fine-art-print?ref=sr_gallery_22&ga_search_query=love+life&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=2&order=&includes[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade“I came to Spirit Rock on scholarship, seeking answers and personal relief from my suffering, and was given a gift so much larger – an acceptance and internal peace so deep, eternal, and ever-present. When I first started taking classes and attending retreats, my focus was on what I could personally receive from the teachings. That was a great beginning, for which I am forever grateful. Now, however, it is as if I passed through an invisible gateway beyond personal Self, and my whole life seems to be a living expression and offering of what I have been given.

They say that if you throw a pebble into a pond, the impact will create a ripple that continues and grows in ever widening circles across the surface of the water. They say that the effects of a butterfly flapping its wings can be felt across the world. They say that each action is conditioned by the previous action and contributes to the next. Spirit Rock has such a ‘ripple’ effect. I now live, work, parent, love and play from an entirely different place, and this is felt by all those whom I have even the slightest, most remote contact with. I am one of the fortunate ones to have discovered my greater purpose in life: to offer information through my counseling and teaching that help others to break out of old familiar patterns, and begin taking steps to creating the life that they truly want.”

As this practitioner so beautifully describes, our intentions and our practice have ripple effects beyond the cushion, and our lives are each interconnected in so many ways, seen and unseen. That s/he was here on scholarship, and would not otherwise have been able to attend, makes the reflection even more powerful. This life, and so many others, directly and indirectly, have been transformed by the generosity of our community, through contributions to Spirit Rock Scholarship Fund. We bow in gratitude.



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