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Residential Retreats

“Supported by the ongoing generosity of our sangha, we have the good fortune to begin construction in the spring of 2014 on our lower campus for a permanent Community Hall and support buildings.  Our upper campus, where your residential retreat occurs, is not part of the construction.

While some ambient machinery sound may travel, it will not be continuous or nearby.  Construction will take place during business work hours (Monday – Friday, 7:00am–4:00pm) and on some Saturdays.  Spirit Rock will be open throughout construction.  Conditions for meditation practice are rarely perfect and environmental sounds are just another subject for our mindful attention. Teachers will give guidance on how to use it as a basis for your practice. Please refer to the Construction Map for the location of construction relative to the Retreat Hall.

Thank you for supporting our efforts and continuing your practicing at Spirit Rock during this time.  We look forward to supporting you on retreat."   ~ Spirit Rock Teachers Council


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