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Beginning Insight Meditation

You may have only recently begun to develop a connection with either Spirit Rock or perhaps a specific Spirit Rock teacher. You may have attended regular weekly programs such as our Monday night class for up to six months. Before this, it’s likely you will have practiced on your own or had only limited exposure to meditation or the Buddha’s teachings.

The core course in this stage is the Introduction to Insight Meditation multi-week class series. Offered several times a year, this class series provides a thorough introduction to the practice of Insight meditation and the basic teachings of the Buddha, such as the Four Noble Truths, the Three Characteristics and the Divine Abodes or Brahma Viharas (lovingkindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity). Homework assignments and suggested daily practices are included. Completion of this class series is recommended before attending Introduction to Buddhism programs.

Daylong retreats entitled Introduction to Insight Meditation or those with Jack Kornfield are particularly appropriate for new students as they always include basic meditation instructions and guidance in understanding the fundamental aspects of Buddhist practice. Many of these half-day, full-day and weekly programs are suitable for beginners.

Recommended books at this stage include:

Making a commitment to meditate will support and deepen your practice.

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6/1/2015 Essential Teachings of the Path of Awakening - 6 nights, ends Jun 7
Sally Armstrong, Tempel Smith, Adrianne Ross
7/5/2015 Introduction to Insight Meditation: Transforming Reactivity through Presence
Erin Selover
7/17/2015 July Insight Meditation Retreat (LOTTERY) - 9 nights, ends Jul 26
Joseph Goldstein, Kamala Masters, Pascal Auclair, Anushka Fernandopulle
8/3/2015 Insight Meditation Retreat for Young Adults (ages 18-32) - 6 nights, ends Aug 9
Tempel Smith, Pascal Auclair, La Sarmiento, Spring Washam, Teja Bell
8/23/2015 Introduction to Insight Meditation
Howard Cohn


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