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9/7/2014 Finding Your True Refuge: Exploring Trauma through Mindfulness
Sharda Rogell, Sakti Rose
9/8/2014 Meditation and the Spirit of Creativity - 6 nights, ends Sep 14
Anna Douglas, Sandy Boucher (writer), Anne Cushman, Barbara Kaufman (painter)
9/8/2014 Awake in the Wild - A Natural Liberation - 6 nights, ends Sep 14
Mark Coleman, Wes Nisker
9/8/2014 Monday Night Class with Jack Kornfield or others (click for schedule)
9/10/2014 Wednesday Morning Class with Sylvia Boorstein or Donald Rothberg or others (click for schedule)
9/11/2014 Thursday Morning Womens Class with Julie Wester or Anne Cushman or others ( click for schedule)
9/11/2014 Life Beyond Sixty - a Monthly Drop in Group (Age 55 & Older)
Anna Douglas
9/11/2014 Compassion Cultivation Training - Ends Oct 23
Nikki Mirghafori, Robert Cusick
9/12/2014 Friday Morning Meditation and Yoga Class with Dana DePalma and Ashley Sharp (yoga) and others (click for schedule)
9/12/2014 Dharma and Recovery with Kevin Griffin
9/13/2014 The Neuro-Dharma of Love - Using Brain Science and Buddhist Wisdom to Illuminate the Heart of Important Relationships
Rick Hanson
9/13/2014 The Neuro-Dharma of Love - LIVE VIDEO STREAMING
Rick Hanson
9/14/2014 From Despair to Transformation: Using Climate Change to Become More Mindful, Resilient, and Inspired
James Baraz, Bob Doppelt
9/14/2014 Harvest Feast
9/14/2014 Chanting and Meditation: Entering the Still and Boundless Heart
Jai Uttal, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
9/15/2014 Finding Freedom in the Body: Mindfulness of the Body as a Gateway to Liberation - 6 nights, ends Sep 21
Bob Stahl, Sally Armstrong, Richard Shankman, Marcy Reynolds (qigong)
9/15/2014 The Four Noble Truths: A Non-Silent Study and Practice Retreat in the Living Dharma Series - 6 nights, ends Sep 21
Tempel Smith, Nikki Mirghafori
9/15/2014 Monday Night Class with Jack Kornfield or others (click for schedule)
9/16/2014 The Path of Parenting (5-Week Class Series) - Ends Oct 14
Grace Fisher
9/17/2014 eSangha: Introduction to Insight Meditation Class Series: ONLINE - Ends Oct 15
Sally Armstrong

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