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Buddhist Ritual Ministers Program

Celebrating Life Transitions: Buddhist Ritual Ministers

William Hart
Pawan Bareja
Kris Bailey
Tony Bernhard
Genevieve Buehler
Charlie Johnson
Bonnie O'Brien Jonsson
Denah Joseph
Ronna Kabatznick
Evan Kavanagh
Debra Kerr
Naomi Newman
Eileen Phillips
Maria Straatmann
Adrianne Vincent

There are many important events in our lives that deserve recognition. We invite you to mark the occasion with the guidance of a Spirit Rock Buddhist Ritual Minister. Authorized to perform weddings, memorial services, baby blessings and other important ceremonies, Buddhist Ritual Ministers help you acknowledge life transitions, celebrate special occasions and bring ease to the heart in the tradition of Buddhist Insight Meditation practices. These ministers have been trained in a variety of ceremonies, and will be happy to work closely with you to find just the right ritual for your particular need.

Rooted in Tradition

Buddhist Ritual Ministers are rooted in the Vipassana tradition of Spirit Rock. Ritual Ministers have completed extensive leadership programs and are active in the Spirit Rock community with long-standing experience in meditation. They must maintain continuing education requirements and be residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. Buddhist Ritual Ministers represent diverse populations and may perform ceremonies and rituals throughout the Bay Area.

Please note:

  • Ceremonies and rituals may not be performed on Spirit Rock property.
  • Ritual Minister training does not include pastoral care and does not authorize Buddhist Ritual Ministers to provide counseling services. If Ritual Ministers have received training in counseling from another training program, such as being a therapist or chaplain, this information is shared in their individual biographies.


Buddhist Ritual Ministers will not charge a fee to anyone in the Spirit Rock community. Community members are asked to provide a donation (dana) to the Ritual Minister for his or her service. Ministers may charge a fee to an individual who is not a member of the Spirit Rock community. When requesting the services of a Ritual Minister, please ask about fees.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center Buddhist Ritual Ministers (see list at right). Click on a ritual minister's name for their bio.




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