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Support for the People of Burma

Jack Kornfield - Yogis in Action

As a Buddhist meditation center in the Theravada tradition, it is with great concern that we have witnessed the recent tragic events in Burma. Many of our teachers and students have received teachings from meditation masters in Burma and we are inspired by the courage and lovingkindness that has been demonstrated by the monks, nuns and people of Burma at this time.

Our hope is that there can be a peaceful resolution to this situation, and we encourage you to send metta/lovingkindness to all of the people of Burma.

To get information on other ways to help the people of Burma, please visit the Buddhist Peace Fellowship or the San Francisco Insight Meditation Community’s Burma Action Page.

You might also consider making a donation to the Burmese fund of your choice. We suggest donating to The Foundation for the People of Burma - an organization with close ties to Spirit Rock that has been actively involved in bringing aid to the monastics and lay people of Burma since 1999.



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