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Legacy Circle

Spirit Rock has established a Legacy Circle to acknowledge our donors who have included Spirit Rock in their estate planning. This type of gift is a wonderful way to provide support to Spirit Rock for generations to come. We recognize these generous and thoughtful supporters during their lifetimes in many ways. 

 Symbols of membership include:

  • inclusion in our listing of Legacy Circle members
  • an interview in a newsletter (if desired)
  • invitations to special events 

We would like to publish your name as it encourages others to provide similar support, or you may remain anonymous. If you have named Spirit Rock Mediation Center in your estate planning, please contact Natalia Straus, Senior Development Manager, at (415) 488-0164 ext. 281, or email natalias@spiritrock.org.

Bequests  It’s surprisingly easy to make a lasting gift to Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
Just include Spirit Rock as a beneficiary

  • in your will or living trust
  • in your retirement plan or bank account
  • in your life insurance policy.

We have a letter of intent with sample bequest language which you can download as a PDF, or you may contact your attorney. We can also provide you with a copy of our IRS 501(c)(3) letter.

Once Spirit Rock knows of your intentions, you will become a member of our Legacy Circle and, if willing, be recognized during your lifetime. We are most grateful for these lasting gifts.

For more information about the Spirit Rock Legacy Circle, check out FAQs in the attached PDF.

Natalia Straus
Senior Development Manager
(415) 488-0164 ext. 281




Sue Amar

Emilio Gonzalez

Patricia Penno

Richard Anstruther

Linda J. Graham

Ellen Pillard

Guy T. Armstrong

Nancy Gunzberg

Art Poirier

Sally Armstrong

Douglas C. Hall

Colleen Porter

Virginia Arnone

William R. Hardwick

Kenneth Porter

Gary A. Arnstein

Steven Hendlin

Wendy Porter

Linda K. Aroyan

Thomas Herrington

Brian Price

Patricia Baiyor

Ruth R. Heyes

Rohana Rice

James Baraz

Jacqueline Hider

Tiffany Rolston

Katherine G. Barr

Natalie Hill

Don Ross

Nancy G. Beckman

Judith K. Hodgens

Bill Ruettinger

Esther J. Berick

Palmore Hoyt

Betsy Russell

Sylvia Boorstein

Nancy Hutson

Ruth Schoenbach

Barbara Braham

Libby Ingalls

Jonathan W. Scott

Denise J. Buckloh

Bob P. Isaacson

Louise Scott

Susan Burns

Kevin S. Jenkins

Gail P. Seneca

Philippa Calnan

Angelica Jochim

Jesse Singh

Rachel Casper

Margaret E. Kaplan

Karen K. Smith

Leonicia Castro

Susanne M. Karch

Valerie Snook

Edwin Catmull

Joel Kaufmann

Therese V. Snyder

Gail Caulfield

Kathleen Kennedy

Mike Sobiloff

Anthony Cera

Sybil W. Kessler

Mark Sponseller

Ronaldo J. Cianciarulo

Larissa Kitenko

Tifney Stewart

Joanie Ciardelli

Susan A. Koide

Carrie R. Tamburo

Beverly J. Clarke

Jack Kornfield

Teri Thomas

Cynthia F. Cornell

David R. Lee

Gary B. Topper

Shan Crockett

Josie Levine

Eunice E. Valentine

William D. Culman

David D. Lewis

Brian Vaughan

June R. Curtis

Edward Lewis

Roger N. Walsh

Tony Daniel

Alexander S. Lushtak

Muriel Wanderer

Sandra Davies

Terry Lyon

Constance C. Washburn

Linda Kay Deaton

Cyndia Marcous

Ingrid Weiss

Mark W. Dixon

Barbara A. Marin

Tracy C. West

Anna Douglas

Albert Martin

Judith White

JoAnne Drebett

Norman Masonson

Debra Whitehouse-Kemp

Gary Dylewski

David N. Max

Harvey Whitten

Pamela J. Eaken

Thomas McAuliffe

Victoria Wiley

Catherine Eisenberger

Patricia McDowell

Linda C. Wilson

Stella Estes

Bill E. McGlashan

Matthew Zwerling

Martin E. Evans

Rick McKinney


Debra Farley

Alice M. Mestemacher


Carolyn Z. Ferris

Sara C. Milnes


Scott L. Foglesong

Jessica Nagler-Lowenstein


Pamela M. Fortino

Harold C. Nathan


Clark Freshman

Carole S. Nelson


Linda Gallaher-Brown

Nancy Niederhauser


Shelley Gault

John O'Connor


Neil Gendel

Kevin M. Orzech


Eva Gold

Donald A. Patterson









Spirit Rock Meditation Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Our tax ID is 94-2971001.


Please contact us with any questions:

Natalia Straus
(415) 488-0164 x281



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