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Monastic Day: The Three Marks of Existence - Effective Medicine for a Tranquil Heart (Dana - By Donation - Day)
Ayya Sobhana
Saturday, December 27, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Community Meditation Hall
Offered on a dana (by donation) basis. Code NU5D14.
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This daylong workshop is a continuation of Ayya Sobhana's work applying the fundamental teachings of the Buddha to psychological issues.

Those who have suffered with strong emotional states may have noticed that mindfulness alone is sometimes not a strong enough medicine to release and pacify emotional reactions. This is because mindfulness is a way to focus our conscious experience, but emotions arise in the subconscious. By the time we are aware, the train is already moving.

Ayya Sobhana will show you how these deep habits of the heart may be transformed by developing the perception of impermanence, suffering and non-self - the three marks of existence which the Buddha called the universal, fixed law of Dhamma. It is often said that full insight into the three marks of existence is the main condition for liberation leading to Nibbana.

Ayya Sobhana's interest will be to show how this insight works at every stage of the path, as a preventive medicine for emotional reactivity. We can re-train the heart. In addition to mindfully letting go of agitation after we are triggered, by seeing differently, with the lens of wisdom, the trigger doesn't go off. We have a safe and secure standpoint to observe both memories and present moment events, without being sucked into unwise reactions. We experience ease and freedom in relation to our experience.

This daylong workshop is intended for practitioners who can see their own states of body and mind, and desire a more peaceful, light-hearted relationship with the inevitable challenges, difficulties and failures of life.

There will be periods of sitting and walking meditation, Dhamma reflections, and time for questions and answers.

Lunch: Please bring lunch and, if you wish, food to offer the monastics. As in the time of the Buddha, Theravada monks and nuns do not grow or buy food and are completely dependent on donations of food. The monastics eat one main meal a day in late morning and monastic regulations require that they finish by midday. Offering prepared food to the monastics during the daylong provides an opportunity to participate in the tradition. Other donations are also gratefully accepted for their vihara and hermitage, though are by no means required. You can request a current list of needed items by contacting them at 707-340-4281. Email: awakeningforest@gmail.com. Website: www.dhammadharini.net.

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