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Spirit Rock in the News


Feb/ March - AARP: "The Power of Prayer" with Sylvia Boorstein

February - Here Comes the Sun! Solar Power at Spirit Rock


November - Common Ground magazine "On Beatniks and Be-Ins" by Wes Nisker

October - New York Times - "The Meaning of Life" a profile on Jack Kornfield by Tim Wu

August - Mindful Magazine - "How meditation made me 10% Happier" Dan Harris (Spirit Rock featured)

August - KWMR radio - "The Place We Live" with Anne Cushman and Erica Harrold

July - Shambhala Sun - "Buddhists Betray the Teachings" Jack Kornfield on the anti-Muslim violence in Burma

March - Wall Street Journal "Places to Retreat for a Little Relaxation and Meditation"

March - Spirit Rock Announces Yoga Service Scholarships for Year-long Training Program

March - Shambhala Sun - Sylvia Boorstein "GPS of the Mind"



June 2013 - CNN "Top 10 Meditation Retreats in the World"

July 2013 - Spirit Rock at 25: Meditation & Renovation, San Francisco Chronicle

July 2013 - Keep Calm & Carry On: 25 Years at Spirit Rock, Pacific Sun Weekly

August 2013 - Meditation Center Raises Millions for Construction, Point Reyes Light

December 2013 - Shambhala Sun "Spirit Rock at Twenty-five"

December 2013 - Shambhala Sun "What Makes Us Free" an interview with Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein

December 2013 - OWN TV - Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" with Jack Kornfield


July 2012 - Shambhala Sun - "I Want to Be Insightful" by Sylvia Boorstein


Winter 2011 - Tricycle - "The Joy of Giving" by Gil Fronsdal


September 2010 - Mindfulness: The Most Direct Path by James Baraz

November 2010 - Shambhala Sun "Jack Kornfield's Wise Heart"


September 2009 - Shambhala Sun "The Suffering We Share"


January 2008 - Shambhala Sun "Sylvia Boorstein on Loving-kindness"

Pacific Sun cover story on Spirit Rock

July 2008 - Shambhala Sun "The Only Choice is Kindness" interview with Sylvia Boorstein


September 2007 - Shambhala Sun "Awakening in the Body" by Phillip Moffitt


Summer 2005 - Tricycle "A Breath of Fresh Air" by Mark Coleman


SF Gate - Spirit Rock's new mantra - diversity

Winter 2004 - "Field Notes from a First Vipassana Retreat"

Winter 2004 - "Through Good Times and Bad"

Fall 2004 - Tricycle "Does Race Matter in the Meditation Hall?"


SF Gate - Parents Confront Challenges of Raising Buddhist Kids

Winter 2002 - Tricycle "A New Spirit at Spirit Rock: A gathering of African American Buddhists"


Fall 2001 - Tricycle - "Mothering As Meditation Practice" by Anne Cushman


SF Gate - Dalai Lama in Marin to Shape Future of American Buddhism

SF Gate - Spirit Rock in West Marin has become a booming cener for seekers of all ages


SF Gate - Sylvia Boorstein has a knack for translating Buddhist precepts




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