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The Poetry of Awakening - A Saturday Retreat with Gavin Harrison

On Saturday, December 7, Gavin Harrison will lead a daylong retreat, weaving selections of poetry from his new book with silence, meditation, reflection and dharma interaction, exploring the universal mystical themes of longing, fire, union and the capacity for awakened love to transform our lives.  More information and daylong registration here.

In The End


In the end      
there is only one prayer.

Help me see the Truth?

And once only.

Thereafter the mind weaves words
into a tapestry of its own design
and true prayer is lost.

Bringing the language of earth
to the secrets of Heaven

is a delicate and tender endeavor.

In the end
there’s only one longing.

Follow that thread
all the way Home.

Give way
into the Homesickness

of your longing heart.

You have every reason to do so.

In the end there is only one Love.

It does not come,
it does not go.

This Love is who you are.

Abiding and beyond describing.

Why settle for less?

In the end
there’s only one thing to do.


show up,


listen for the next step,
bow before what is given.

Don’t do anything.

More is a movement from The Truth.

And only The Truth
will set you free.

In the end
there is only one surrender.


Nowhere to go.

You are already there.


photo credit: Benson Kua


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