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International Vipassana Teachers' Gathering at Spirit Rock 


Back row - standing (L to R): Dana Depalma, Mary Grace Orr, Adrienne Ross, Greg Scharf, Leigh Braisington, Donald Rothberg, Stefan Lang, Marv Belzer, Steve Armstrong, Noah Levine, Yanai Postelnik, Richard Shankman, Pascal Auclair, Sharda Rogell, Carol Wilsom
Next standing: Kamala Masters, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Sylvia Boorstein, Julie Wester, Skye Dawson, Renata Seifarth, Jenny Wilks, Grove Burnett, Diana Winston, Guy Armstrong, Michael Grady, Chas DiCapua, Ruth King
Seated row (L to R): Ven. Pannavati, Ayya Tathaloka, Ayya Santacitta, Ayya Sobhana, Ajahn Sucitto, Norman Feldman, Howard Cohn, Ursula F Von Allmen, Andrea Fella, Anushka Fernandapulle
Sitting (L to R): Eugene Cash, Pamela Weiss, Stephen Snyder, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, Sally Armstrong, Tempel Smith, Fred von Allmen, Mark Coleman, Tina Rasmussen, Catherine McGee, Gregory Kramer, Martin Aylward

In June, vipassana teachers from around the globe gathered at Spirit Rock to convene as a sangha, and discuss issues relevant to teaching in our modern context. Ayya Tathaaloka wrote about the session on climate change and her experience here. There was time for practice, discussion and connection. We were honored to have so many wonderful teachers on the land at one time. May their work and service in the world continue to ripple out to all beings everywhere.

Sylvia Boorstein, Ayya Ruth King, Catherine Mc
A moment of repose for Sylvia Boorstein and Ayya Candarsiri Catherine McGee and Ruth King share a laugh


Ayya Tathathaloka, Pannavati, Diane Winston, Julie Wester Steve Snyder, Tina Rasmussen, Richard Shankman
Ayya Tathaaloka and Ven. Pannavati in the courtyard at Spirit Rock Stephen Snyder, Tina Rasmussen and Richard Shankman


Jack Kornfield, NoahLevine

Jack Kornfield and Noah Levine at the International Vipassana Teachers Gathering


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